[MUSIC] Hello I'm Noel Capon, welcome to Capon's marketing video series, \n in particular to financial analysis for marketing decisions. Now many years ago when I developed my first executive program that I directed, I decided that financial issues were important to marketing executives, and so I asked probably the most well regarded finance teacher at my institution if he would come and give a session on financial issues to the marketing executives that signed up for the program.

He did so but he bombed. Because I found out the issues that he was concerned about, were not issues that would have helped marketing managers and marketing executives to make better financial decisions. And over many years of working with marketing executives, it's become very clear to me that even at the most senior levels in marketing, there is really a lack of understanding of well grounded understanding of financial issues.

So the reason I've developed this particular element in the marketing video series is to help you make better financial decisions. So this isn't a finance video session. This is a video session focused specifically on marketing decisions and the financial implications of those marketing decisions.


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